EDEN Fellows, for sharing
June 10, 2021
Airina Volungevičienė
Senior Fellow,EDEN&comma Vytautas Magnus University,Lithuania

Almost two decades ago, prof. Alan Tait established the title and the recognition scheme of EDEN Fellowship for academics and professionals who dedicated their research and academic activities to identify how technologies enhance learning and teaching, and who share their knowledge and experience in EDEN network.
Alan was the one handing in this recognition to me in 2010. I could hardly imagine what it actually means then, but I cannot describe it in short how much it means for all of us now.
We established the Council of EDEN Fellows in Genova, 2018, but the first Fellow meeting took place in Dublin, 2011. Looking back, I can recognise in return, this is one of the major strength in EDEN – recognition of life time contributions by colleagues, and finding the best ways to share their excellence with the academic community.
This is how EDEN shares its know – how, and that is why EDEN is a “must to join” community for everyone.

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