April 14, 2021
Jack Koumi
University of the Philippines Open University,Educational Media Production Training,United Kingdom (UK)

In 2016, at the University of Naples, while the ICEM committee were organising our 2017 conference, I was urged to author a MOOC on Educational Video for the EMMA platform. Those urging were three good EDEN friends, Rosanna de Rosa, Ruth Kerr and Ilaria Merciai. The same three pressed me again at the 2016 EDEN conference in Budapest.
I ran the MOOC, What and How to Teach with Video, in Jan/Feb of 2017.
This led to my appointment in 2019 as an online professor at the University of the Philippines OU.
I am currently nearing the end of the fourth run of my online Course, Achieving the Pedagogic Potential of Video, for final year BA students of the Philippines OU.
The course consists of two main Lessons
1. Potent Pedagogic Roles for Video, which has 5 videos in which I discuss 43 video clips to exemplify 33 Powerful Teaching/Learning Roles in four domains: Cognitive, Experiential, Affective, Skills.
2. Pedagogic Video Design Principles, which has 6 videos with 39 clips that illustrate 30 Design Principles in 8 categories: Hook, Signpost, Engage, Activate, Sensitise, Elucidate, Reinforce, Consolidate..
13 open-ended quizzes and discussion forums are distributed through the Course.

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